At Picture Cars we offer every service imaginable from picture vehicle rentals to design and build, graphics, transportation and asset management. Do you need a Fire Truck? NYC Taxi Cab? A NYPD Police Car? No problem.

At Picture Cars it all starts with a telephone call or an email. We work to get the perfect car for your production needs. Whether it’s a Ferrari, an ambulance, or an entire fleet, we can deliver it to your set today. Our mission at Picture Cars is to provide you with unparallelleed service and one-stop picture vehicle experience. We take our job seriously.

Our fabrication team is unique in the industry and can make the custom modification to fit your exacting specifications and your production timeline. If we can’t do it – no one can. Want that yellow cab to be green? Or that police cruiser to be blue and white? Consider it done – our body and paint team of experienced technicians can handle the job quickly and professionally. Got a last minute paint change – consider it done. We will match your production timeline for film and television shoots. From the wheels to a period police light bar we offer it all. Picture cars is your full service restoration facility to deliver that custom or period correct vehicle for your production.
Picture Cars is more than just rentals and transport. When your script calls for an interior car shot you can be assured that shot will be best. Our upholstery team will fix a rip or redo the entire interior. Our mechanical team can rebuild a motor or safely rig a vehicle for stunts or cameras. Picture cars East experienced graphics team will custom design the next logo for your Picture Car. Our state of the art graphics equipment will make your Picture Car standout on the set.

Just e-mail or call us with your needs, send us your script specifications, then consider it done.