Emergency Vehicles

Picture Car Services LTD, uses a large fleet of a variety of emergency vehicles. Our inventory includes current day NYPD RMP squad cars, undercover detective cars, ESU and CSU vehicles, prison vehicles, FDNY ambulances and fire trucks. We also have and can make-up federal, state and foreign emergency service vehicles of all types.

We have numerous emergency and first responder vehicles.

Our fleet of police and law enforcement vehicles range from the most recent 2016 Dodge Chargers and Ford Explorers to older models for period pieces. We have police cars, police vans, police scooters that check parking tickets and even large, mobile command units. We can create custom graphics and dress our fleet to match any city or locale where your project takes place, and can customize light bars and colors as well.

For heavy duty action scenes, we can supply doubles of NYPD RMP squad cars as well as NYPDs set-up for stunt work with third pedal set-ups should your project call for stunts, hard-driving or wrecked vehicles. And for the climactic end scene, please see our SWAT Armored Personnel Carrier – The Sentinel from IAG!