About Us

Who are we?

Picture Car Services, LTD is the largest East Coast supplier of picture vehicles to the motion-picture, television and commercial production industry. Picture Car Services started in 1974 by Gino Lucci, who later partnered with Columbo Saggese in 1987. Picture Car Services was formed to provide picture vehicles for photography to the motion picture industry, movie studios, television networks, production companies, still photographers and advertising agencies. The company has service, dedication and a “Never say No” mission. For decades, we have been providing critical vehicle pieces to productions as well as the breadth of knowledge required to properly set-up your production for a successful shoot. It’s not just our vast centrally located inventory, it’s also what glass is in the vehicle, the rigs for a vehicle, stunts the vehicle can do, and much more.

Our team consists of long-time industry professionals in account management, fleet logistics, operations, mechanics, and many more. Our core competencies range from sourcing vehicles, prepping vehicles for special filming needs (for example any glass or stunt requirements), and logistics order management which ensures that your vehicles are delivered to your set early by our fleet of flatbeds and drivers and are serviced by our team until you wrap. Our expertise will help make for a successful and timely shoot.

We can provide vehicles for:

PR and Marketing Campaigns
Product and Event Launches
Exhibitions and Shows
TV & Film Work
Photo Shoots


Our body of work includes TV and Film such as The Devil Wears Prada, Law & Order SVU, The Devil’s Advocate, Die Hard 3, Rescue Me, The Late Show with David Letterman, White Collar, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days and many, many more. We have a deep inventory of New York City vehicles such as NYC yellow taxi cabs, NYPD police cars, FDNY fire trucks, FDNY Ambulances. Of course, we have thousands of other vehicles to choose from, whether it is an American, British, European or other classic. We look forward to working with you.

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Telephone: 718-852-2300
Email: info@picturecarsltd.com
Website: www.picturecarsltd.com


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